2016 Wine Tourism numbers topping $2b

More and more people are traveling to wine country to have an experience and find wines they can’t find in the supermarket. Have a look at the latest number being reported by North Bay Business Journal.


While the numbers in the article are focused on Sonoma and Napa Valley, the shift is likely happening throughout top wine producing regions and it means that wine businesses can no longer afford to drive blind.

Technological advancements are changing tourist’s pre-trip, during trip and post-trip planning phases. Winery brands of all sizes, domestic and international, cannot ignore tourist’s behavior as well as the role it’s playing in the trip planning behavior of travelers. The rising popularity of social media sites containing interactive content like reviews and photos are becoming more and more popular and experts and data show continued growth.

Brands need to get behind sophisticated technologies and personally engage with todays’ customers. Tools like customer anyalitcs, social intelligence, and machine learning are all crucial components designed to assist brands in the delivery of the experiences that customers really want.

Anyone in the wine industry knows, there is a disconnect between brands and consumers that has significantly hindered wine lovers in their search for wineries that fit tastes and vacation plans. Historically, consumers have found it difficult to differentiate wineries based on price, ratings, reviews, amenities and varietals served and this disconnect has made it nearly impossible for consumers to find and plan trips to nearby wineries without the help of professionals, guided tours, or informal recommendations from friends.

Wine Routes, a new desktop and mobile app is being developed in the heart of Sonoma County and plans to provide valuable tools and bridge the gap for both consumers and brands by way of its online review and trip-planning capabilities.


Wine Routes aims to elevate the wine travel experience for users and brands alike. Using Wine Routes’ wine country trip planner, consumers are able to explore wine country locations based on amenities, varietals served, price level, and reviews. Additionally, users can curate and share their very own wine routes with the community, allowing them to customize their perfect wine country experience.

This gives winery brands a more effective way to engage with consumers, broaden market focus, and increase traffic to their tasting room. Tourists are looking for better ways to engage and find new brands. Wine Routes intends to be the go to service for both wineries and consumers to connect and get the most out of their travel experience.


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